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We've worked with Thousands of people all over the world, including CEO's, divorced, single parents, the previously Amish community, and many others. Keep scrolling to see some recent case studies and testimonials!

Why Work With Us?

THOUSANDS of lives Around The WORLD Transformed...

  • Escape the cycle of Mediocrity you've been programmed for with a simple blueprint that will restore passion, purpose and adventure into your deepest relationships.
  • Master Relationship Communication and Connection with daily exercises that will catapult you out of the dreaded 'Friend Zone' into the refreshing Oasis of Meaningful Relationships.
  • Unlock the 'Secret Sauce' to a Hot, Intimate Sex Life with your marriage partner that just keeps getting better - even after decades of marriage.
  • Link arms with a team of Connection Experts who will help hold you accountable, lead you in discovering your ultimate mission and purpose, and coach you to intentionally building the hot, sexy marriage and life of your dreams.

How Do We Help?

The EPIC-LIFE Mastermind

A Proven Recipe to MASTER Relationship Communication, Connection, Vision & Time

This 12-Month Membership is Changing Lives Across The Globe, and Guaranteed to Change Yours in 90 Days or Less!

  • "Connection DNA" Online Course: The repeatable, 8-week online course that is guaranteed to put you on the path to an EPIC Life - For Life! The CDNA course is the foundation of everything we teach, to equip you for Epic, fulfilling relationships and beyond.
  • Access To Our Private Online Community where you can hang out, make connections, and build confidence in the skills of relationship communication, connection, vision & time.
  • Weekly Men’s/Women’s Mentorship Zoom (Monday @ 2:00 pm EST) Personalized Mentorship with Men and Women specific topics. Tailored to the Needs of Each Individual.
  • Weekly Community Mentorship (Thursday @ 3:30 pm EST) Personalized Mentorship Space to answer your questions and keep you on track.


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9 Extra Bonuses with Live Event Tickets INCLUDED!

Guaranteed Results in 90 Days or less

Bonus 1.

"MyEpic30" Journal

For recording your daily life-transforming activities.

Bonus 2.

Mentorship Session Package

Customized Mentorship onboarding session to assess how we can best help you achieve results.

Bonus 3.

Custom 90 Day Plan for Desired Results

We help you map out your next 90 days for an EPIC life that YOU design. Includes 12 month laminated calendar & markers.

Bonus 4.

Daily "Early Bird Billionaire" Biz Training

Join the group every week day morning at 5:30 AM EST for powerful business training sessions with Carlos. Tailored specifically to Your business.

Bonus 5.

Two Event tickets to our All Inclusive 7 Day Retreat

The Epic Life Retreats are small, intimate events ONLY for those in the Epic Life community. They have impacted the lives of thousands of people. Two tickets are included, with access to purchase more.

Bonus 6.

Access to purchase Tickets to EPIC Legacy Mastermind & Partnership Events

Our Elite Mastermind group for those ready for the next level of Legacy Building.

Bonus 7.

Wedding Officiation Package

We will Officiate your Marriage Ceremony! Includes Ketubah (Jewish wedding vows document)

Bonus 8.

Affiliate Package (ability to monetize with us)

Gives you the ability to participate in profit sharing.

Bonus 9.

Bachelor Degree Level of Certification

Earn a Bachelors level Certification in Relationship Connection, Communication, Vision and Time.

We Guarantee Results in 90 DAYS or  LESS, or Your Money Back!

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People from all walks of life have been impacted & Inspired

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What to Expect

Your First Step Will Help Us Identify...

your ideal


Let us help you identify your milestones, and how we can link arms to reach them together as partners.

your custom


Let us show you the path to the intimate Relationships you've always wanted, but Lacked the skills to achieve.

your biggest


Let us help you identify your top Three Relationship "Pain-Points" you need help with immediately.

Would We Make a Good Fit?

Truth Is We Are NOT A Good Fit For Everyone...

We Will Help

  • Married Couples who are HUNGRY and READY to take Massive Action to design and build the Marriage & Life they truly desire instead of the mediocre life they were programmed for.
  • Entrepreneurs & Business Owners really good at Business and making Money yet struggle with Relationships skills - who truly prioritize and have high value for personal growth & development.
  • Single People SICK of being Lonely and Single, and ready to have meaningful relationships that will lead to an EPIC Soulmate.

We Won't Help

  • Those who have all the answers already or aren't willing to invest into and follow a proven system to produce the results they want.
  • The Non-Committed who want us to do all the work for them. We only work with clients willing to follow directions and take full responsibility for the results they want.
  • Those who refuse to honor our cross-cultural community as a safe place to learn and grow in a positive environment.

Still Sound Like A Good Fit?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just another coaching program?

The Epic Life Program is a proven system developed from over 10,000 hours of research and experience, used by Thousands of our clients from around the globe to get massive results. Our system is 100% Guaranteed to transform your Relationships and Life in 90 Days or less or your money back.

What is an "EPIC Relationship"?

We define an epic relationship as one that is deep, meaningful, and enduring. It is a partnership that transcends the ordinary, a connection that is built on a foundation of mutual respect, trust, and understanding. In an epic relationship, both partners are committed to the growth and well-being of the relationship as well as to each other. They share a strong emotional bond that enables them to weather the storms of life and come out stronger on the other side. What sets an epic relationship apart from other types of relationships is the level of connection and intimacy that partners share.

What Is Your Pricing?

Our pricing is customized to the client's needs and goals. Schedule an appointment with us so we can get context on what's happening in your life, and see if you're a good fit for our program.

I am _______ Will this work for me?

The only requirement for this to work for you is to be teachable, coachable and willing to follow directions. We have thousands of clients from all walks of life, religions, races and cultures who have had massive results using our proven system.

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Check Out Some Results from Our Community

Jesse & Irina

"Happily Married in 88 days!"

Levi & Elaine

"Engaged in 45 days!"

Jabel & Kristina

"More Than 8 Times the Results in Finances!"

Eric & Katrina

"Biggest month in sales ever in 60 days + much deeper intimacy in marriage, and clarity on Purpose"

Matt & leslie

“Intentional Soulmates with the Same Vision and Mission!”

Caleb & Edna

"Happily engaged in 66 Days!"

Mahlon & juanita

"Engaged in 36 Days and Happily Married for Life!"

rick & Adrienne

"Reignited Marriage and Love in Paradise"

Glen & Karen

“Thank you for helping us go from a good marriage to a Hot Sexy Epic Marriage!”


"Strengthening Relationship Skills."


“Overcame major obstacles, making for better communication/connection in my meaningful relationships.”


"Single parent and thriving as a Mother."


"Healed From My Past and Making Eternal Friendships and Connections"


"Lost 76 lb., expanded business, peace in a blended multigenerational home."


"Found Release From Pain That Held Me Back."

Dr Sara

“Thank you for such amazing tools! From divorced to a happy Mrs. Crawford!”


“From quite fearful introvert to now adventurous and great communicator”


“Discovered new truth and gained the freedom and confidence to have an abundance of meaningful relationships”

What Are People Saying About Their Experience?

Here's More Feedback...

Dani Johnson 

World renown speaker, author and entrepreneur has this to say about Carlos...

Tim Wynne

Friend and client, Tim shares how he went from "I didn't want to come" to "life changing experience".

Dr Sara Jernigan

Dr. of Chiropractic shares what a difference Connection DNA program has made in her life.

Mike & Angelina

Mike & Angelina share about the Love and Freedom they discovered with the help of Carlos and Chantel.

More Testimonials From Clients and Colleagues...

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A Proven Recipe for an EPIC Mastery of Relationship Communication, Connection, Vision & Time

  • 12 Month Membership - Guaranteed Results in 90 Days or Less!
  • "Connection DNA" Online Course - The foundation of everything we teach, to equip you for Epic, fulfilling relationships and beyond.
  • Access To Our Private Online Community - network and practice skills of relationship communication, connection, vision & time.
  • Weekly Men’s/Women’s Mentorship Zoom (Monday @ 2:00 pm EST)
  • Weekly Community Mentorship (Thursday @ 3:30 pm EST)

Plus All These Bonuses!

  • MyEpic30 Journal
  • Mentorship Session Package
  • Custom 90 Day Plan for desired results: includes 12 month laminated Calendar & Markers.
  • Daily Early Bird Billionaire Biz Training, with Carlos (Mon-Fri, 5:30 am EST)
  • 2 Event Tickets to our EPIC Legacy Mastermind Events
  • Access to Purchase Tickets to EPIC Legacy Mastermind & Partnership Events
  • Marriage Officiation Package with Vows & Ketubah
  • Affiliate Package (ability to participate in profit sharing)
  • Bachelor Degree Level of Certification in Relationship Connection, Communication, Vision & Time